About us

Ndi-Igbo Worldwide Cultural Festival was designed to resurrect in every Igbo personality the love, passion and interest for our cultural heritage and values.
The cultural festival will showcase the “never say die” spirit of Igbo people, visual arts, music, cultural displays, dance forms as well as the fashion attire, cuisine, language dialects and hospitality of the Igbo nation.
We package annual events which is hosted in any of the states in the south-east with the grand finale in one of the choice states in region. It will focus on creating a platform for all Igbo families across the world to identify with the heritage, values, beauty and uniqueness of Igbo culture with emphasis on cultural renaissance, tourism, youth development and promotion of peace and security amongst the Igbos at home and in the Diaspora.
The event is for 3 days and there will be an inspection tour of facilities at the cultural village by the project team on the first day.

Ndi Igbo Worldwide Cultural Festival

We present a perfect platform for brand visibility for corporate firms, government agencies, politicians, business communities, associations, practitioners and well meaning personalities to have a wider reach to people from all walks of life.

We inspire, encourage and celebrate the achievements of Igbos across the world in all sectors of the world.

We create an enabling environment for the unification of all Igbos across the globe geared towards establishing a functional networking base between Igbos at home and in Diaspora.

Providing a chain link and training base to empower aspiring young, intelligent and creative Igbo entrepreneurs especially fresh graduates of Igbo extraction.



To be an avenue for the discovery of skills, talents, prowess and showcasing our rich cultural heritage, people, values and investment opportunities.

To establish a lasting value using tourism, multi-cultural development through local and international partnership and also creating an atmosphere of unity in our diversity.


Chief Mrs Evelyn Okere Onyung
Event Creative Director